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cdrLabel has been in development since 1997 thanks to the support of dedicated users. It has many options and modes but is still the fastest and easiest way of making a CD label!
  • DVD Support - Support for DVD recordablenew!
  • Plugins - WMA, OGG, and graphics plugins are now provided by defaultnew!
  • Circular Labels - Create labels with file lists that go right on your CDs new!
  • CD-TEXT - cdrLabel can read the track names right from your CDs (XP or 2000 required) new!
  • MP3, WMA, and OGG Tag Aware - cdrLabel can read your music's tag information new!
  • SDK and Plugins - Additional file formats or filters can be added, and you can write your own! new!
  • XML File Format - Easier data interchange with other applications new!
  • Slimline CD Support - Label double the CDs in the same amount of space
  • Catalog Files - Always know what's on your disks
  • Multiple CDs per Label - Label double CD packs easily
  • Audio CD Scanning with freedb - Scan and title audio CDs automatically
  • Import BMP, GIF, JPEG images - Make your own masterpiece
  • Export BMP and PNG images - Save your label and open it up in paint programs
  • Export TEXT and HTML - Save your file lists as simple web pages new!
  • Text Strings - Free-form font, color, and orientation
  • Fonts and Colors - Customize how your files are displayed
  • WYSIWYG Interface - See exactly how your label will print
  • Archive Scanning - Catalog .ZIP and .ARJ files on your disks
  • Directory Comments - List files or folders instead of [dir]
  • Exclude/Include Files - Automagically hide files you don't want cataloged
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP Support
  • Easy To Get Started - Optional help windows guide first-time users